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Annual Report Design & Print

High quality annual report design & print company

An annual report is often the mouthpiece of your business and organisation. It sets the standard by which you are judged. Northstar Design is a company that has established a reputation for annual report design that is creative and memorable and produces reports that are a credit to your organisation.

We believe that companies elect to work with our agency because we are able to move them significantly forward in visual communication terms. We plan, structure, write, illustrate, print and manage annual reports for high profile organisations. Our design team is committed to producing annual reports within strict financial budgets or where the highest quality is required. We operate to your agreed time schedules and provide a complete print and management service to clients throughout the UK.

A complete Annual Report design service:

Creative design

Conceptual or Conservative? Whatever image you want your annual report to portray we can help design the most appropriate style.

Layout and artwork

Applying the concepts throughout all the pages, creating dynamic and visual layouts

Image management

Sourcing, creating and management of images


Creating visual illustrations of graphs, charts and icons

Proof reading & editing

If you want us to we’ll even proof read and edit copy if you want a professional eye over your copy.

Pre Press

Proofreading (again) final pre- press checks and pdf proofing ensures the artwork is correct for print


Organisation and management of the print[/su_column]

View our portfolio below for examples

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