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Prospectus Design – Buckinghamshire College

On 11, Apr 2015 | In Education, Promotional Literature, prospectus design, Reports | By admin

College Prospectus Design with Streamlined Production – Buckinghamshire College

• Brochure Design • Streamlined Design Production

Buckinghamshire College required their prospectus designing for the 2015 term to an extremely high standard, but also to a very tight schedule. Over 230 pages were required to be designed to a high level of layout style and typographic detail but all within a 5 day time period (for the 1st draft) – a very tall order if standard production techniques were employed.

However, this is where Northstar called upon its experience in the field of large multi-page document design and utilised its ‘Streamlined Production Processes’ and techniques to simplify the design process, control the page design and importantly hit the deadline.

By using the power of ‘Adobe Indesign’ plus raw client data provided in in Excel we were able to integrate the two to develop a series of templates and import the data. This allowed us to create the finished pages in a third of the time compared to more standard processes.

The added bonus of this approach is that typographic errors and design inconsistencies are greatly reduced which makes the final stage of proofing and any amendments much quicker and more accurate. It all results in a less fraught time for client and designer which can be a problem for this type of project.

Streamlined Production Processes

Streamlined catalogue and prospectus design

Streamlined catalogue and prospectus design

Our streamlined process is Suitable for products such as:

Large multi-page documents
Information Literature

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