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Bargain Booze – UK Store Promotion

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Client: Continental Wines for Bargain Booze

Requirements: Using scratch cards for a UK wide instore promotion
Solution: Bespoke Scratch card.

A refreshing way to buy custom scratch cards

Continental Wine & Food are a UK wide drinks distributor. In conjunction with their client Bargain Booze, they ran a promotional campaign using Scratchcards to promote a selection of their wines and alcoholic drinks. Everyone who received a card was a winner with variations of money off purchases, Free bottles and also a small selection of high value winning cards with a top prize worth £3000.

Managing a complex project

With a print run specification  of 350,000 cards, 15 variations, High value winning cards, 670 different bundles for the National Booze Buster stores, Unique numbering for winning cards: This was a very complex job requiring high levels of control and management at every key stage.  This close management was to ensure conformity, traceability and Security.

These cards were printed as a ‘Bespoke game with unique numbering’. The winning cards were individually numbered and then distributed evenly amongst the losing cards. These were then separated into 670 individual bundles for national distribution.