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BNI Group Burnley

BNI Networking Burnley

Conceptual design for ‘BNI Kudos’ Business Networking Burnley

• Concept design • Typography • Copywriting

The BNI Kudos Chapter is a great place for business networking in Burnley & East Lancashire. Northstar has been an active member since 2015 and provides creative support services to the group to help advertise and promote the meetings.
The ‘Wake up and smell the money’ campaign is one of those concepts that works nicely on so many levels. It uses classic advertising fundamentals with interplay between an arresting image and carefully crafted headline. It stops the reader to take stock, think and react. They are left in no doubt what the intention of the advert is for and the potential benefits.
An obvious and cliched choice would have been to opt for images of young thrusting executives exchanging handshakes across a table. Our solution could nut be as far removed from this. It breaks the mould and addresses the two key features of the meetings:
No.1: It’s all about the business being passed and
No.2: The fact that they are early morning starts at 6:45am.

The conceptual process involved;

  • Conceptual design
  • Typography
  • Copywriting
  • Layout design & artwork
  • Visualisation

If you are an East Lancashire based business looking to grow and develop then BNI Kudos can help. We are looking for like minded, high quality businesses. All we ask is for you to come along to one of our meetings and see the power of referral based Networking in action.

For more informations call Ged Lamle on 01282 865333



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Murano – Ladies Fashion Eyewear

On 28, May 2018 | In Design & Advertising, Fashion, Portfolio | By admin

Conceptual image design
photoshop retouching
high end photo retouching

Conceptual design ideas for ‘Murano’ Fashion Eyewear

• Concept design • Photography • Photoshop retouching

Murano is an established ladies fashion eyewear manufacturer and are always looking for conceptual design ideas to help develop their brand. Being fashion orientated their marketing always has to be setting the trend and creating a desire within the target audience.
Our ‘Love Murano’ concept blends together conceptual use of imagery with beautiful typography to create a strong visual look that is unique to the brand. The conceptual design ideas process involved;

  • Consultancy and conceptual design development
  • Photography
  • High end photo retouching
  • Layout design & artwork
  • Copywriting

The relationship we have with the client allows them to utilise our design support services when they need it – we provide that fresh approach and different way of thinking. Additionally, we can also supply the necessary technical production skills to turn our great ideas into fine finished pieces of design.

Also see our communication literature designed for Murano

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NHS Primary Care Trust – Literature design

Design of a suite of literature for an NHS primary care trust

• Literature Design • Booklet Printing

A suite of 8 brochures designed for Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale Primary Care Trust.

This suite of literature was designed to a strict brand identity which helped provide a very uniform and consistent appearance. Each booklets tackles a different issue of mental health including;  depression. panic and bereavement. A simple colour coding system and strong typographic hierarchy helps differentiate each brochure for easy identification, yet each sits within this ‘family’ of literature.

By following a prescriptive brand identity it makes introducing new brochures easy which ultimately helps reduce costs. Because the ‘visual rules’ are established you also gain a strong uniform look.

This suite of brochures was printed by our operation. The client was able to take advantage of our special low price deals for multiple products, such as our 4 for 3 offer on brochures and leaflets. For quotes of any of your leaflet, brochure or booklet, call @ Northstar on 01282 865333


Bowland Farm

Bowland Farm – Brand Development & Website Design for a Lancashire based Company

We were asked to create an identity for a new business ‘Bowland Farm’. The aim of Bowland Farm is to bring a farm experience to you, whether it’s their mobile farmyard or their hatching for schools programme, they encourage a friendly learning environment.

An identity was developed that reflected the fun learning experience. A series of illustrated farm animals were created for the logo making it easily distinctive  and attractive to both children and adults alike. A series of figures were also developed for the extended marketing communications. Both elements are used for other forms of communication such as signage. labels, educational items, and on the website.

Prestige Medical

On 21, May 2018 | In Design & Advertising, Manufacturing, Medical, Portfolio | By admin

prestige display panels 1
prestige made in the uk logo
Simple trade show booth

Exhibition design ideas for Prestige Medical

Creating maximum display impact for trade exhibition stands.

Northstar Design provides wide ranging marketing support services including Exhibition Design Ideas for Blackburn based company Prestige Medical. The company is a class leading manufacturer of Sterilization Equipment which are used widely across the dental market.
For their stand at this years International Dental Show they asked us to create a suite of display panels that would provide an attractive visual backdrop for their stand. It needed to have visual impact to draw the visitors, but also display important information in a simple and effective format.

Thankfully, at Northstar, we have the ability to think big and know what works well at a large scale. This results in innovative exhibition design ideas that have the WOW factor. We are also able to think small with the ability to create a new sub brand and logo for their ‘Made in the United Kingdom’ proposition. The design takes inspiration from the British flag but instead uses flowing water imagery to create the link to the company’s ‘British’ Heritage and to their sterilization products.




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Lanzante Packaging – Male Grooming Products

On 13, May 2018 | In Packaging, Portfolio | By admin

lanzante packaging 1 660px
lanzante packaging combo
Lanzante trio front

Lanzante male grooming packaging – Creative packaging design ideas

• Packaging Design • Point of sale

Joseph Lanzante required creative packaging ideas to help launch their range of male grooming products. The market is a highly competitive sector and any packaging needs to have a strong brand proposition.
Our solution was to create a range with a strong retro feel targeted at the 25-55 age range. We took inspiration from the brand owner’s Italian roots, but rather than create a pastiche of Italian style we created packs with a ‘nod’ to classic italian style icons.
Using images such as a Vespa, the Fiat 500 and Italian signage, we’ve created a packaging range with a cohesive visual style with a strong masculine emphasis. Our creative packaging ideas included:

  • Conceptual design
  • Photography sourcing and editing
  • 3D Trial Mock ups
  • Technical artwork
  • Complimentary marketing support services

The resultant design has a quirky feel and definite personality. It stands head and shoulders on the shelf against other competitors.



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Stealth Protective Face Mask Packaging

On 13, May 2018 | In Packaging, Portfolio | By admin

Stealth pack 660px
Stealth packaging variations
stealth Mask box abstract cropped
Stealth IG Post Final

‘Stealth’ protective face mask packaging – Design by ‘Northstar’ packaging design company

• Packaging Design • Communication Literature

Stealth is a new brand of personal protection face masks by Preston based manufacturer Air Filtration Solutions. They required a packaging design company that clearly understood the marketing issues presented and could help them develop Stealth as a leading brand.
As a creative packaging design company we were able to provide a full suite of support services including:

  • Conceptual design
  • Photography
  • 3D Trial Mock ups
  • Technical artwork
  • Complimentary marketing support services

The resultant design is both striking and evocative of strength and protection. It stands clear on the shelf against other competitors.

Client Benefits of using Northstar – A creative packaging design company:

  • Strong, distinctive brand with a clear product proposition
  • Creation of a suite of graphic elements that can be used across a number of alternative packs and formats for consistency
  • Complimentary marketing communication support – Design for sales literature and technical information sheets
  • Strong brand values

Additional communication literature



Logo Design & Stationery – Linsole –

• Branding • Corporate Literature

In Manufacturing your branding should reflect the unique aspects of the product. With Linsole, it’s all about the natural choice. We structured the Logo with this aspect in mind.

Linsole is an established Manufacturer in China and they needed to promote their brand effectively in western markets. The owner recognised the need to contact companies with western knowledge and therefore approached Northstar with a narrow brief. They wanted modern branding that would represent their USP of natural rubber (Think rubber and rubber trees).
As with all good design we are always looking for something unique & innovative yet have some depth and meaning. Our solution was create the outline of a rubber tree left and use that to bring some cursive and modern txt to life. The typographic element encompasses the logo and provides definition and clarity.

SB Skills – Branding, Literature and Exhibition design

Branding, Stationery, Literature & Display Design – SB Skills Solutions

• Branding • Literature Design • Exhibition graphics & display system

SB Skills Solutions is a UK wide training company, providing training and qualifications specifically for the construction industry, warehousing and local Government. As part of a management buyout, the company wanted to portray a new image but still have some link with the old branding. A completely new logo was developed but utilised similar colour palette to the old design to signal some element of continuation and link with the old company.
As the company has grown they require design support for a series of communication aids:

  • Stationery
  • Service brochures
  • Training Manuals
  • Direct Mail
  • Exhibition display graphics and panels


Client Benefits:

  • Strong, consistent brand
  • Creation of a standardised and distinctive set of graphic elements that are used across all forms of communication
  • Consistent brand values
  • Messages better communicated

Flexi display system – Design and supply

Curved, Flexi display system

Curved, Flexi display system

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National Centre for Diversity (NCD) – Corporate Identity Design

Development of a company branding and suite of communication literature

• Corporate Identity • Communication Literature Design • online E-learning

The National Centre for Diversity (NCD) is a rapidly expanding and successful business delivering training and consultancy to businesses on all matters of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the work Place. The result of this expansion was the need for the following design support services:

  • Realignment of the brand positioning
  • Stronger communication of their core brand values
  • Establishing of  brand identity guidelines
  • Creation of a communication literature style
  • Development of interactive e-learning courses

The project covered the development of the main company logo plus a series of sub brands (relating to the awards that they have such as; Investors in Diversity. Leaders In diversity). Creation of a uniform corporate identity that covered the use of fonts, colours, marketing messages, images, Literature templates and a series on online E-learning packages.


Client Benefits:

  • Strong, consistent brand
  • Creation of communication and marketing collateral is now easier to process and output is consistent
  • Messages are delivered consistently and preciselyto customers
  • Better targeting of customers

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