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Scratch card game idea – Consultancy Promotion

create scratch cards

Case Study – Create Scratch cards for a consultancy promotion campaign.

create scratch cards

Client: Milkshake Marketing

Game Format: Bespoke A6 scratch card

Quantity ordered – 2,000: (2 x 900, 2 x 90, 1 x 20, + 1 high value card)

Comprising of the following win combinations:

  • 900 cards: Free web analysis
  • 900 cards: FREE chocolate bar
  • 50 cards: 15% off web design
  • 50 cards: 10% off web design
  • 20 cards: 25% off web design
  • 1 card: FREE website

We create scratch cards for a wide range of businesses and organisations. This particular example was for a web design business who were exhibiting at a B2B trade show. Being a creative company they were looking for a creative solution that would reflect their slightly quirky branding and scratch card printing was seen as a suitable option. The company asked us to create scratch cards which they could hand out to visitors at the trade show and ultimately drive footfall to their stand.

For exhibitions and trade shows, scratch cards can be more effective than standard leaflets, brochures or vouchers. Scratch cards engage with the customer (everyone likes to be a winner!!). Also, each card was a potential Data Collection Device as to claim a prize recipients were asked to fill their name and contact details on the reverse of the card.

Our production methods allows us to create bespoke scratch cards with unlimited win / lose combinations. There were no losers in this game with the vast majority of the cards offering either a FREE gift of a chocolate bar or a FREE website analysis. The higher value prizes were produced in much smaller batches with one single star prize card. The cards were an excellent method of generating visitors to the stand and also provided PR opportunities throughout the day.

Northstar was chosen to create scratch cards for Milkshake Marketing as we were able to offer a wide range of scratch card printing solutions at competitive prices. In the end the client opted for a Bespoke Scratch Card Game. This gave them the style of card that they required – a double sided coated board plus specific variations of winning cards.


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