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Digital Printing Services

Digital Print services. Low Volume, High quality

Digital Print services. Low Volume, High quality

Digital Printing – Flexibility for your marketing

Digital printing offers great opportunities for marketing and promoting your company with a much more flexible and personalised approach and it need not cost you the earth! Gone are the days when ordering a piece of print entailed large set up costs and minimum print runs of 1,000’s. Digital printing allows the opportunity to print much smaller volumes (as few as one) yet still maintain a high quality finish. Northstar is at the forefront of digital print technology – Call us on 01282 865333 with your requirements.

It’s fast

Digital allows us to be far more responsive to clients needs and deadlines.Delivery can even be the same day! Quicker response time due to minimal press setup and simplified process – no plates or film, no registration adjustments and no ink keys. Less steps means faster print!

It’s cost effective

Print the quantity you need when you need it. No waste no fuss. Also discover new cost saving formats new to digital and a first for the UK. Our digital unit can now take a 900 mm long sheet enabling print of up to 6page A4 landscape, 8 page A4 portrait and 12 page A5 portrait. Impressive cost saving services for our customers.

Short run and multiple versions

Print short to medium runs more effectively than our lithographic print. You can manage print and budgets by printing on demand – There is no need to order in bulk, which means no out of date stock. You can easily produce multiple versions by simple digital data management.

Personalise your print

Personalisation or very targeted messages can be a very powerful marketing tool. Digital printing allows us to personalise each printed items. This could be personalised names, addresses, marketing message or relevant information – all at the same time.

It’s versatile – Some products that you may not have considered printing digitally

With digital printing the applications are endless… Consider the process for the following products:

Labels – Pre-cut shapes or specially laser cut shapes – different material, self adhesive, crack back
Scratchcards – Digital printing allows us to individually number each scratch card, enabling complete traceability and control of your promotion.
Brochures – Variable formats (Portrait, landscape and square formats or other non-standard sizes, we can also print of Different papers and substrates,
Business cards & stationery – Ideal for multiple name variations and low quantities.
Direct mail – Personalise the messages on each piece if you require
Envelopes – Print messages onto envelopes – small quantities, and in colour
A2 sheets – Traditionally, A2 posters could only produced using large format ink jet printers. Our A2 wide digital solution allows for posters

For innovative digital solutions to your marketing, talk to one of our digital experts. Call: 01282 865333