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Email campaign design – HTML

Email campaigns

Email campaigns

Professional, Interactive Email & Newsletter Design

Stay in touch with customers and keep them up-to-date with your news, offers, products and services with a HTML email newsletter. Northstar designs great email layouts, with attractive graphics and call-to-action buttons & links embedded in the design. All this provides your clients with a thoroughly engaging and memorable experience than a standard text email.

What is a HTML Email

A HTML email is a carefully crafted visual email that incorporates; text, images, graphics, interactive links and buttons. The HTML coding is used to control the design and layout of the email into an attractive and user friendly format. We use the Mailchimp system which allows us to manipulate and adapt templates to suite your own brand and style.

Why use the MailChimp email system

We use and adapt Mailchimp, as not only does it offer the ability to adapt designs to your exact requirements, more importantly it offers a whole suite of management support and reporting tools, allowing you to keep track on the success of your email campaign. These features include:

  • Approved bulk mailing. Most email services and Internet service providers (ISP) limit the number of emails you can send at one time. (This is to prevent spamming). MailChimp allows you to send an email to an unlimited number of recipients at one time.
  • Greater deliverability. MailChimp work with ISPs and corporate domains to ensure your emails are recognized as safe and approved. If there is a problem with delivery, MailChimp will attempt to re-send the email and tell you why an email might be bouncing.
  • Adherence to privacy laws. Bulk mailers are required by law to include an unsubscribe link in every email. MailChimp and other email marketing services include this automatically and ask recipients why they are removing themselves from your list.
  • Professional styling. MailChimp offers a wide variety of customizable templates for designing polished emails. We can also build a template from scratch to use with MailChimp.
  • Compatible with various email readers and devices. MailChimp gives your recipients the option to read your emails in fully-styled HTML or text only. They can also click a link to read the email in a web browser instead of their email.
  • Know if people are reading your emails. If you send an email through your personal email, you have no idea who opened it. Email marketing tools give you all sorts of fun analytics on successful deliveries and open rates so you know your fans are listening.

For more information on creating and managing an Email campaign, Call us on 01282 865333

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