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St. Mirren FC – Lottery scratch card

Fundraising scratch card idea

Client: St Mirren FC, Paisley

Aim: Using a Fundraising Scratch Card to generate Club Funds
Solution: Standard 5 way ‘Hot Card’ game.

Fundraising scratch card idea

St. Mirren FC were looking for a suitable Fundraising Scratch Card idea to help raise funds for the clubs’s coffers. Sold at home matches with a cover price of £1 these cards give fans the chance to win prize money or signed team shirts as star prizes.

The client was able to work out the exact ratio of win & lose cards required in order to give the club a suitable return on their investment and give the fans the chance to win something of worth. Being a lottery style game they also had to apply for a gaming licence. This could be done through their local Council as the value of the game was only under £20,000.

Specification: These cards were printed using combinations of our standard ‘5 way hot card’ Game. By combining numerous print runs they were able to control the win & lose ratio in line with the agreed game licence they had to officially run the game.