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Get cheap scratch card printing for great customer interaction

It's all about the big reveal!

Use scratch cards to engage and interact


Scratch cards have a wide range of uses. The key to their success lies with concealing information and forcing the user to reveal it.
They’re great for use in an education environment, games of chance, quizzes, collector posters & scratch maps.

Educate | Collect

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Intrigue | Inform

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Key features of a these types of scratch card

Data Security & Integrity

Strict management and control of codes & data.

Traceability of all cards during production

Advice on security features to ensure integrity



Scratch card technology

Use scratch off panels for added security.

Suitable for voucher cards with unique codes and gift cards where codes can only be redeemed once.

Voucher redemption

Establish how your customers will redeem their code:

A simple code that can be redeemed in-store. OR
an Online code redeemed at check out,  gain access to information, or downloadable content.

Marketing Information

Voucher codes allow you to collect valuable customer data (in accordance with GDPR). Use the data to profile customers for future targeted marketing.



Supply & Packaging

Need 25, 50, 100 cards in a pack? - We can supply this.

Need your cards in a specific sequence? We have solutions to get the right mix

Need cards packed, wrapped or boxed? - We have the systems to deliver.

Examples of some other uses for scratch cards

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