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Northstar’s fully integrated service voucher card printing.

Voucher card printing is a simple and effective way to interact with your customer. Along with Gift Cards they’re a great way to reward customers for their loyalty, offer a discount, an enhanced experience or special products. They’re a simple and effective method of creating strong customer experiences.

In their simplest form a Voucher card or Gift card encourages customers to visit your website or shop to redeem its value. On a more strategic level they can be a powerful marketing tool. By understanding and fully exploiting the mechanics of a voucher card, incorporating variable data, they can be taken to a whole new level as a marketing tool.

Unique codes, variable data and scratch card technology for complete integrity.

The key to an effective voucher card printing solution is the use of  variable data (such as unique redeemable codes or bar codes) and using these either in-store or on-line. The use of such data allows you to manage and control a promotion. The application of a scratch off panel over the codes provides an additional level of security and integrity which is vital where codes or data can only be redeemed once.

Over the years Northstar has developed  a wide range of Gift card & Voucher card Printing solutions that you can trust.

Quality control from start to finish.

When distributing promotional cards with unique codes, you need to know that they’re 100% reliable with complete security and integrity. Our systems allow us to track and trace all cards in production. This level of control also allows us to supply cards in specific pack quantities or complex sequences which may be a requirement for your distribution and roll out .

It all adds up to a service that you can trust to give you total peace of mind.

<strong>Strict quality control systems</strong> to ensure that all data is carefully managed. During production our systems allow us to <strong>control and identify all cards throughout the whole process.</strong>
For Gift Cards and Voucher Cards consider the following products:

Bespoke GamesNumbered Cards

Security & Integrity

Strict management and control of winning cards and data.

Traceability of all cards during production and distribution

Security design features to ensure integrity



Scratch card technology

Reliable scratch card technology for a smooth, easy scratch

Single or multiple scratch off panels for a variety of formats

Incorporate multiple games on a single card

Overprint onto the scratch off panels for added features

Star Prize Control

Control and traceability of high value cards and star prizes throughout the process.

Cards can be supplied pre-mixed or supplied separate for client insertion into the game.

Prize Ideas

It's not all about cash giveaways. You could also consider:

Products & goods - TV's, radios, computers, mugs, pens etc

An experience that money can't buy

A tie up with a sponsor's product or service

A discount on line or in-store

Free Tickets or access to



Mixing & Supply

Need cards mixed randomly but evenly - We can provide this.

Need each cards to be traceable? We have the control procedures

Need cards packed, wrapped or boxed? - We have the systems to deliver.

Simple & complex lottery style game solutions

With complete traceability & Integrity

Customer Data collection

Client: Uniqlo

Printed Lottery Style Cards raising funds for the football club. A tie up with a local sponsor meant the star prizes were donated rather than come out of the prize funds.
Print run of 15,000 cards

Multi-game cards

Client: Hull KR

These printed lottery style cards incorporated 2 games in 1, giving the purchaser even greater value – The prizes we a mix of cash prizes and items that a fan would appreciate such as VIP tickets, Signed balls & shirts.
Print run 10,000 cards.

Individually numbered

Charity lottery cards

Client: East Cheshire Hospice

A simple ‘3 to win’ style lottery game card for a local Hospice. It all seems straight forward, however the cards were required in specific pack quantities, each containing a guaranteed number of winning & losing cards and all mixed in a random order.

Individually numbered,

Print Run of 6000 cards

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