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Scratch card manufacturer for cards with variable data & unique numbering

Northstar - specialist scratch card manufacturer

Personalised scratch cards with unique codes, numbers or barcodes.


Northstar are a specialist Scratch card manufacturer with a truck record of producing Personalised and numbered cards. This process allows for every card to be individualised and thereby traceable or redeemable. Unique Numbers, Codes or even Barcodes can be applied usually under the scratch panel. Once the panel is removed the unique PIN Code or information is revealed. Customers usually use these types of card in conjunction with an online offer where the PIN code is used to ‘Activate’ a product or service. We also use numbering for applying batch numbers of reference codes for administration and control purposes.
Because the cards have unique data they also allow for information gathering when activated which can be useful as a marketing tool.Use numbered cards for Voucher cards, Top-up-cards, Membership cards etc.

Use unique codes for redeeming prizes
With each card having a unique number you can direct customers to your website for redeeming their prize
Unlimited variability
With unlimited variability comes 100% traceable
Choose your size
Any size available Check with us for the most economical sizes
Mixing Options
Cards can be supplied mixed to very exact requirements Specific pack quantities Random Mixing Even distribution of winning cards
Extensive quality checks throughout the process Design features for added security

Unique numbered scratch card example.

Example of a Unique PIN application

individual scratchcard personalisation

Quantity ordered: 40,000:
Card Combinations: 3 x different value cards ($1,000, $2,000 and $5,000)
Each card personalised with a 20 digit PIN Number

Each variant was printed litho for a high quality finish. The sheets are then overprinted with a unique PIN Code taken from a csv file supplied by the client.

Once personalised, every card was laminated for extra security and the latex panel applied. Users purchase a card for a value, scratch off the panel to reveal the PIN and enter the PIN into a meter to access a service.

Guide Prices

Each job is unique and is quoted on a job-by-job basis. Please contact our studio on 01282 865333 for more information, or send and enquiry using the link below.

Examples of Unique Numbered cards

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