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How to create a scratch card promotion

Establishing your promotion goals.

Before you embark with your scratch card promotion ideas, the first question to ask is; “what is it that I am trying to achieve?” Do you want to generate more sales, create customer retention, increase footfall in your shop, or attract customers to your website? Once you know your goals you can start to devise your game.

Understanding the the art of return.

In its simplest form a scratch card is a fun way to engage with your customer. They help create a buzz and excitement with your brand. Most scratch card promotion ideas normally reward the recipient. This could be a gift or prize, money off a purchase, or an experience with your company. However, if used correctly they can offer equally as much back to you in repeat business, customer retention, or even some valuable customer data (which you can use for future marketing).
If you give a little – you can hopefully get a lot back!

Turning scratch card promotion ideas into reality.

We have a host of solutions and products which are suitable for use across a wide range of businesses, marketing initiatives and campaigns. There are many ways you can structure a scratch card game: You can opt for lots of losers and few star prizes; OR maybe you opt to have many winners of low value. Only you will know what you can afford to give away and what you hope to expect in return. The key things to consider are:
Number of variations (i.e. winners/losers) • Quantity per variation • Card size • Supply of cards (mixed on non-mixed) • Expected Return on your investment.
Once you have formulated a plan, we can then help you select the best solution frmm one of our products:

Mix ‘n’ Match GamesHot Card GamesBespoke GamesNumbered Cards

Offer a discount

There is an art to giving something away:

Make it time specific - Redeemed in quieter days & times.

Make the offer simple to understand and administer.

Offer money off a new product or one that you are trying to clear.


Star Prize Excitement

An opportunity to win a 'Star Prize' sure gets customers interested. It's also an excuse for some Social Media coverage!

Promote a special occasion

A new shop opening

A new product launch

A company anniversary

A seasonal campaign


Generate footfall

Encourage customers to visit your shop

Visit your exhibition stand

Visit your website

Collect data

Use a scratch card card as a prompt to collect valuable customer data. If you're giving something away it's only right that may expect something back in return - a customer email or phone number (opted in of course).

Scratch card promotion ideas in use

If you've got an itch - give it a good scratch!

scratch card promotion ideas


Countless bars, clubs & restaurants generate business with a scratch card campaign - Revolution Bar.

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Business also love a scratch card. Use them to drive traffic to a website or visit your expo stand - Unisys
Scratch card Promotion ideas


In a very competitive market a scratch card can help drum up business - The Mouse Trap

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