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Scratchcard Printing Game Ideas 6 – Nightclub Promotional Campaign

Scratch card printing - ideas

Scratch Card Printing Case Study – Nightclub Promotional Campaign Idea

mama promotion scratchcard

Client: Arts Club Venue

Game Format: Bespoke ‘MULTI-WIN’ game


Quantity ordered – 10,018: (13 x Winning variants + 1 Losing variant)

Comprising of the following win/lose combinations:

  • 8 x TOP winning cards: (8 x versions offering different prizes from 8 different sponsors)
  • 50 x Mid value winning card: 50% off food
  • 60 x Mid value winning cards: Free Wristband
  • 150 x Mid value winning cards: Free Mug
  • 250 x Mid value winning cards: Free Tote Bag
  • 500 x Low value winning cards: Free VIP entry
  • 10,000 x Losing cards: Sorry you have not won.

The Arts Club Venue ran a campaign in conjunction with their key sponsors for customers to  have the chance to win a top prize from one of their key sponsors, such as a years supply of PopChips or A Free holiday. Scratch cards were deemed a great way of creating and delivering the campaign as it engaged the customer and also rewarded if they did not happen to win any of the top prizes.

They commissioned our Bespoke ‘MULTI WIN’ Game as it allowed  an unlimited combination of winning cards with quantities ranging from as little 1  winning card and other combinations of 50, 60, 150, 250, 500 and larger quantities of losing cards). This variety of win/lose combinations is not provided by our standard Hot Card game hence the client opted for our bespoke solution. Because of the way we produce our bespoke games, the client in theory could of had 10,000 different card combinations is they so wished.


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