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Scratchcard printing

Arthur D. Riley

On 20, Feb 2017 | In Scratchcard printing, Unique numbered scratch card | By admin

We make scratch cards for Top Up Card printing solutions.

make scratch cards, top up card printing

Client: Arthur D Riley, New Zealand

Solution: Unique numbered scratch cards.

Arthur.D.Riley are a utilities support company with a requirement for top up card printing. They need to make scratch cards to support their water metering services in remote Pacific Islands. The company installs water meters on behalf of the Island utility companies and also provides the means to access the service through a ‘top up card’ system which customers purchase at local retail outlets. It is for these Top up Cards that they need a scratch card manufacturer with the experience to handle this type of complex project.

Each top up card printing solution has a unique 20 digit number printed under a latex scratch panel. Users scratch off this panel to reveal the code. They then enter this code into the meter to access the service. The solution is both simple to use, secure, easy to distribute and control.

We make scratch cards with a combined unique numbering system and a visible batch serial number. This visible batch number is an important additional feature for traceability as individual cards can be easily identified even within a batch 100,000.

Top up card printing specification: All cards are litho printed in full colour with the unique codes printed digitally. The cards are die cut to size with rounded edges and are packaged to very exacting requirements in sequential order and in batches of exactly 100 cards.

For more information on Unique code printed scratch cards and top up cards, Call Northstar Design on 01282 865333 – A specialist Scratch card manufacturer


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