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Services for promoting your business


New Business Start Up

We specialise is providing solutions for startups and new business. We help maximise your budgets and create solutions that make their mark quickly and for little budget.


Revamping & Rebranding your business

Is  your current brand letting you down? We can look to revamp old tired brands as well as creating solutions for brand new ventures.

New Product/Service Launch

If you’re thinking of launching a new product or service talk to Northstar. We can help with the strategy, creative marketing and design.

printing services

Printing Solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of printed products to help you in whatever form of communication you need to communicate your messages.

Examples of businesses markets we've helped promote


The Trades

From Builders, Chippies, Sparks and tilers, we have a wide range of cost effective solutions to get your name and brand noticed:
Branding: Look professional and trusted with a cerefully crafted business logo.
Communicate effectively: Tell your message effectively through the right Stationery, leaflets and brochures
Displaying the right image: Extend your brand across vehicles and signage.
Printed products often ordered by the Trades include: Business cardsDuplicate PadsLeafletsA Boards • Outdoor Signage

Pubs, Restaurants & Bars

Great food establishments usually have tasty looking brands. We offer a one-stop-shop for all forms of marketing from small cafes to the poshest of restaurants:
Branding: They say you eat with your eyes which means your brand also has to be as tasty as the food you serve – we can help you achieve this.
Communicate effectively: The menu is a key piece of communication. They need to be visually effective and withstand constant daily use.
Displaying the right image: From the outside your place & space needs to clearly reflect what’s on offer inside – Make sure your signage does you justice.
Products often ordered by Restaurants, Pubs & Bars: MenusDuplicate PadsLeafletsA Boards • Outdoor SignageScratch cards

Business to Business

It’s even more important for a business to have the right branding and communication. We can help you at every level achieve a truly professional look:
Branding: We can give your company brand a true personality. One that is confident and talks effectively to its audience.
Communicate effectively: Everything you use to talk to your customers needs to be on message and consistent. We can help you achieve great communication.
Digital: We can ensure your electronic communication stays ‘on-brand’ with well designed social media imagery, or digital pdfs.
Products often ordered by B2B companies: Branding SupportDesign 4 Print • LeafletsBrochures • FoldersSignageStationeryBusiness cards


Health & Beauty

We can help you achieve that perfect look…for your brand. Creating an attractive brand that appeals to your target audience is what we do:
Branding: Maybe your current brand needs a bit of a nip ‘n’ tuck or perhaps it requires a full makeover? Whatever level is required we have the knowledge and skills to make you look fabulous!
Communicate effectively: What do your price lists, appointment cards, flyers & vouchers all say about you. We can ensure they are all looking the part.
Signage: From simple window graphics, Internal & external posters to external signage we can advise & create the right look for you .
Products often ordered by Health & Beauty Businesses: Branding SupportDesign 4 Print • LeafletsPosters  • SignageStationeryBusiness & Appointment cards


Retail & Shops

It can be tough out on the high street. That is why your brand is now even more important than ever before and is where we can help you create that perfect look:
Branding: Great brands have real personality. We can help you communicate yours.
Communicate effectively: We can help create awareness of your shop and brand with carefully targeted communication. Whether that be advertising, social media or conventional leaflet marketing.
Signage: It’s probably the most important aspect for your business to have the right signage and branding display inside and out.
Products often ordered by Retail: Branding SupportDesign 4 Print • LeafletsPosters  • SignageVouchersScratch cards



If you’re making a quality product you need to equally have quality design, branding and communication to support it:
Branding: We can help develop your brand with the same precision and detail that you do with your products.
Communicate effectively: Delivering complex messages & concepts to portray  benefits of your product is one of the great skills we posses. Our design experts get to know your product and deliver your messages in the most efficient way.
Packaging: Once you have the product you may need great looking packaging, practical labelling or informative instructions for us.  We have a wide product knowledge that you can tap into.
Products often ordered by Manufacturing: Branding SupportDesign 4 Print • LeafletsExhibit & Display • SignageLabellingProduct brochures


Creative Examples

Click on the examples below to see how creativity makes a difference.