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Charity scratch cards printing - Fundraising ideas and solutions

Lottery & charity scratch cards printing.


Our Charity scratch cards, Lottery cards and Fundraising cards are a versatile and powerful tool to generate income for your organisation. They engage people in ways other promotions can’t. No-one can resist a good scratch!
We have games and formats to suit all types of budget and project scope. At one end of the scale our fundraising cards offer a simple low cost option that is easy to distribute and manage. At the other end our lottery style charity scratch cards allow for higher value prizes and are geared to a more organised and longer term campaign. We have the solutions to match your ambition.
Talk to us about your next fund-raising campaign and ensure a big a return on your investment.

Lottery & charity scratch cards can be so engaging.

Charity scratch cards

Lottery scratch cards

For a traditional cash prize scratch card game our lottery cards are ideal. They are more suited to promotions of 5000+ cards and can incorporate different game styles or even multi-games where users have multiple chances to win. The examples illustrated are an example of a two game card.  This feature gives the user more fun and the perception of greater chances to win.

Charity scratch cards - Golden Goals

Game Cards

These Golden Goals scratch for Wimbledon AFC cards are a more novel take on the traditional lottery scratch card. You buy a card for a particular match and scratch off the panels to reveal both you choice of player and the minute of the first goal. If you match both then you win the jackpot. They’re just an example of the many different ways that you can use a scratch card game to engage with your customers and raise funds.

Charity scratch cards - Fundraising cards

Fundraising cards

It’s not always essential to have to commit to producing 1,000’s of cards for a lottery game. These Fundraising cards are an example a very easy way to raise funds and for just a few £pounds. Players pay a fee to buy a space on the card and place their initials or name in the box. Once all the boxes are completed the scratch panel is scratched to revel one of the names on the card. The winner takes a percentage of the prize pot whilst the remainder goes to the fundraiser.

Key considerations for charity scratch cards printing


Our flexible options for lottery cards include features such as: Low or high value prize games    |    Multi-game cards | Variable data & unique codes | Security features for game integrity | Mixing and supply options  |  Management reporting for traceability of winning cards.

Security & Integrity

Strict management and control of winning cards and data.

Traceability of all cards during production and distribution

Security design features to ensure integrity



Scratch card technology

Reliable scratch card technology for a smooth, easy scratch

Single or multiple scratch off panels for a variety of formats

Incorporate multiple games on a single card

Overprint onto the scratch off panels for added features

Star Prizes

Management & control of high value cards and star prizes throughout the process.

Cards can be supplied pre-mixed or supplied separate for client insertion into the game.

Prize Ideas

It's not all about cash giveaways. You could also consider:

Products & goods - TV's, radios, computers, mugs, pens etc

An experience that money can't buy

A tie up with a sponsor's product or service

A discount on line or in-store

Free Tickets or access to



Mixing & Supply

Need cards mixed randomly but evenly - We can provide this.

Need each cards to be traceable? We have the control procedures

Need cards packed, wrapped or boxed? - We have the systems to deliver.

Other scratch card uses


Promotions & Sales

Create sales with a scratch card promotion.


Charity Scratch Cards

Start fundraising with our Charity & Lottery solutions


Voucher cards

Create vouchers with unique codes for redeeming in-store or online.


Reward Schemes

Show your staff, pupils & customers that you love them with a reward scratch card.


Top-up cards

Use a scratch card to distribute access codes for your goods or services


Permits & Validation Cards

Parking permits and other forms of validation cards.


Marketing Tool

Use scratch cards for gathering customer & marketing data.


Scratch Maps & Posters

Make your mark on the world with a scratch map / poster


More scratch card ideas

Explore more innovative ways of using our scratch-off technology.




For additional advice for selecting the ideal solution, download our ‘Scratch card format guide’ or our ’10 Top tips for scratch cards’.

There are many examples displayed in our Scratch Card Examples page.

If you need legal information about creating a lottery style game then visit the Gambling Commission Website.

For more information on the best scratch card solution, contact our studio on 01257 786660, or complete the enquiry form below.

Examples of lottery & charity scratch cards printing.