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If you’re considering a new marketing promotion, consider how a scratch card can be used to spearhead the campaign. Northstar  can bring their extensive scratch card printing & UK market knowledge to create an interactive customer experience to help promote your product and business.

A well crafted scratch card campaign can engage with your customers far better than more standard forms of promotion. It can create a buzz around your brand and help generate sales and interest.

As well as helping sell more they are great for developing customer retention, increasing footfall in your shop, or attract customers to your website. They are a fun promotional solution.

Use scratch cards to engage with customers, create sales, generate loyalty

scratch card printing UK


Scratch cards are great for promoting bars, clubs & restaurants. Use them to create footfall, or reward customers once they are buy with an incentive to come back again. These scratch cards for Revolution bar in Manchester were targeted specifically at its younger market.

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Businesses also love a scratch card. Even more sober and conservative brands have used them to create interest. Here Unisys used them at an exhibition to create footfall to their exhibition stand, but they could equally have been used to drive customers to their website. More…

Scratch card Promotion ideas


In a competitive market it’s no mystery as to why scratch cards can give you an edge. – This example for the Mouse Trap not only looks great but the concept of mystery and intrigue works a treat as the user carefully reveals the prizes on offer.


High street brand Boux Avenue have used scratch cards numerous times over the years to create footfall to their stores. Offering different discounts these examples and fun, bright and attractive – all key elements to the perfect scratch card. More…


Offer a discount

There is an art to giving something away:

Make it time specific - Redeemed in quieter days & times.

Make the offer simple to understand and administer.

Offer money off a new product or one that you are trying to clear.


Star Prize Excitement

An opportunity to win a 'Star Prize' sure gets customers interested. It's also an excuse for some Social Media coverage!

Promote a special occasion

A new shop opening

A new product launch

A company anniversary

A seasonal campaign


Generate footfall

Encourage customers to visit your shop

Visit your exhibition stand

Visit your website

Collect data

Use a scratch card card as a prompt to collect valuable customer data. If you're giving something away it's only right that may expect something back in return - a customer email or phone number (opted in of course).

Scratch card printing UK promotion


Define your promotion goals.

Before embarking on a scratch card promotion, a good question to ask is; “what is it that I am trying to achieve?” Do you want to generate more sales, create customer retention, increase footfall in your shop, or attract customers to your website? Once you know your goals you can start to devise your game. We can support campaigns of all sizes and complexities from small one-off instant win style games or complex variable data scratch card printing UK wide coverage


Return on  Investment.

In its simplest form a scratch card is a fun way to engage with your customer. They help create a buzz and excitement with your brand. Most scratch card promotion ideas normally reward the recipient. This could be a gift or prize, money off a purchase, or an experience with your company. However, if used correctly they can offer equally as much back to you in repeat business, customer retention, or even some valuable customer data (which you can use for future marketing).
If you give a little – you can hopefully get a lot back!

Product Selection

We have a host of solutions and solution suitable for all types of complexity and budget. Consider the structure of the scratch card game: Do you opt for lots of losers and few star prizes; OR maybe you have many winners of low value. Consider know what you can afford to give away and what you aim to expect in return. Other things to consider include:
Number of variations (i.e. winners/losers) • Quantity per variation • Card size • Supply of cards (mixed on non-mixed) • How customers redeem their prize.
Once you have formulated a plan, we can then help you select the best solution from one of our products:

Mix ‘n’ Match GamesHot Card GamesBespoke GamesVariable data/Numbered Cards

More ways to use scratch cards


Promotions & Sales

Create sales with a scratch card promotion.


Charity Scratch Cards

Start fundraising with our Charity & Lottery solutions


Voucher cards

Create vouchers with unique codes for redeeming in-store or online.


Reward Schemes

Show your staff, pupils & customers that you love them with a reward scratch card.


Top-up cards

Use a scratch card to distribute access codes for your goods or services


Permits & Validation Cards

Parking permits and other forms of validation cards.


Marketing Tool

Use scratch cards for gathering customer & marketing data.


Scratch Maps & Posters

Make your mark on the world with a scratch map / poster


More scratch card ideas

Explore more innovative ways of using our scratch-off technology.


Scratch card printing UK Resources


For additional advice for selecting the ideal solution, download our ‘Scratch card format guide’ or our ’10 Top tips for scratch cards’.

There are many examples displayed in our Scratch Card Examples page.

If you need legal information about creating a lottery style game then visit the Gambling Commission Website.

For more information on the best scratch card solution, contact our studio on 01257 786660, or complete the enquiry form below.

Scratch card printing UK examples