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Scratch card ideas to promote a business, service or charity

More innovative scratch card ideas


If you’re looking for some innovative scratch card ideas then we have produced plenty over the past few years. We’ve discovered that Scratch cards can have so many uses. We’ve created scratch cards as an education aid, game of chance, a quiz, advent calendar, and even collector items such as a scratch poster or scratch map.

The key to their success is their ability to conceal information which can be revealed when required or instructed. This creates a sense of anticipation or intrigue which is very engaging!

Use Scratch cards to Educate, Collect, Intrigue & Inform.

Scratch cards - They're all about the big reveal!

Drink aware scratch card

Drink awareness scratch cards.

When it comes to inventive scratch card ideas these Drink Awareness cards for an NHS trust sure do tick lots of boxes. The cards are used as an educational tool to help the public understand how much alcohol they consume and if they should take any action.

Users are posed a series of questions about their drinking habits and are asked to scratch off a number (1 to 5) that represents their answer. The results are totalled giving a score which can be analysed to see if the user should consider changing their drinking habits.
Our Mix ‘n’ Match scratch cards are ideal for this type of product as single variations are only usually required.

scratch card ideas

Questionnaire Scratch card.

Similar to the drink awareness cards this is another example of inventive scratch card ideas for business use.

Presented in the form of a questionnaire, the scratch card poses a series of questions to the user about their mental health and instructs them to scratch off the answers that best represents their thoughts. Manufactured for Phychologist CD Consulting, users score themselves on 8 topics on the DECAMA wheel and the end result of all the scratched answers is designed to give the user a very visual representation of how they feel.

With only a single variation required these are a perfect example of a card using our Mix’ n’ Match range.

Education scratch card.

As part of an interactive museum installation these are a great example of where scratch cards ideas can go.

Visitors to the museum and exhibit about healthcare in the year 1918 are given multiple scratch cards representing different characters. Each card has 6 different statements under the scratch panel which users reveal when prompted as they pass through the exhibit. The cards are a different take on how to engage with your target audience. Due to the number of variations required these are an example of a Bespoke scratch card solution.

Key features of a these types of scratch card

Data Security & Integrity

Strict management and control of codes & data.

Traceability of all cards during production

Advice on security features to ensure integrity



Scratch card technology

Use scratch off panels for added security.

Suitable for voucher cards with unique codes and gift cards where codes can only be redeemed once.

Voucher redemption

Establish how your customers will redeem their code:

A simple code that can be redeemed in-store. OR
an Online code redeemed at check out,  gain access to information, or downloadable content.

Marketing Information

Voucher codes allow you to collect valuable customer data (in accordance with GDPR). Use the data to profile customers for future targeted marketing.



Supply & Packaging

Need 25, 50, 100 cards in a pack? - We can supply this.

Need your cards in a specific sequence? We have solutions to get the right mix

Need cards packed, wrapped or boxed? - We have the systems to deliver.

More uses for scratch cards


Promotions & Sales

Create sales with a scratch card promotion.


Charity Scratch Cards

Start fundraising with our Charity & Lottery solutions


Voucher cards

Create vouchers with unique codes for redeeming in-store or online.


Reward Schemes

Show your staff, pupils & customers that you love them with a reward scratch card.


Top-up cards

Use a scratch card to distribute access codes for your goods or services


Permits & Validation Cards

Parking permits and other forms of validation cards.


Marketing Tool

Use scratch cards for gathering customer & marketing data.


Scratch Maps & Posters

Make your mark on the world with a scratch map / poster


More scratch card ideas

Explore more innovative ways of using our scratch-off technology.




For additional advice for selecting the ideal solution, download our ‘Scratch card format guide’ or our ’10 Top tips for scratch cards’.

There are many examples displayed in our Scratch Card Examples page.

If you need legal information about creating a lottery style game then visit the Gambling Commission Website.

For more information on the best scratch card solution, contact our studio on 01257 786660, or complete the enquiry form below.

Some other scratch card uses & ideas