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Parking scratch cards, permits & validation cards from Northstar

Parking Scratch cards, permits & validation cards


Scratch cards are a simple and effective solution for parking permits & validation cards.

The key to parking scratch cards & validation cards is that they are usually single use cards. Areas of the card are scratched off to reveal a choice or unique data that gives visual validation or can reveal a specific access code.

The cards are simple to administer, distribute and manage. The scratch-off feature makes tampering and fraudulent use less likely thereby making them suitable for permits and validation purposes.

Practical solutions that keep you in control.

parking scratch card

Parking permit scratch cards

Controlling parking in a residential zone can be a real headache. Using scratch card technology these parking permits for property management Company First Port are simple to administer and use. Users scratch off the date and time they arrive and place the card in their windscreen. It’s a simple and effective solution and provides a very visual way for the parking attendants to check compliance.

parking scratch card

Validation cards

Control the access people have to your products or services. These Validation cards for Belgian Company De Werktitel have a scratch panel with a unique code underneath. Once scratched the number is revealed which is entered into an online system giving access to the company’s services for a period of time. Simple and effective.

Creating parking scratch cards & validation cards


Asset & Access Control

Use scratch cards as permits or control mechanisms.

Scratch the panels to display information, such as an arrival time and date.

Prevents tampering.

Simple to administer and manage.


Security & Integrity

By its nature a scratch card can prevent fraudulent use of your services.

Once a panel is scratched it's evident that a choice has been made making them perfect for single use scenarios.

Use variable data and sequential numbering to control card management.



Reliable scratch-off technology

We know what's required to create and smooth, easy scratch.

We can  incorporate multiple scratch panels to the design.

Variable data and unique codes can be incorporated.

Additional overprint onto the scratch panels for instructions is also available.

Creating parking scratch cards


Creative design and artwork .

Essential for an effective parking scratch card or validation card is the quality and clarity of the design. Creating the design for such items can be quite specific that’s why Northstar can provide full in-house design and artwork services to ensure that your cards are both functional, intuitive and reflect your brand.

Quality control from start to finish.

When using your cards, you need to know that they’re 100% reliable. Our products have been carefully developed over 10 years of creating scratch cards.  We know what it takes to create the perfect card.  We ensure that the surface finish scratches off nice and smoothly. We also employ strict quality control systems to ensure that any variable data is carefully managed. During production our systems allow us to track all cards throughout the whole process and ensure integrity.

Depending on final requirements, parking permits and validation cards can be produced by 3 of our scratch card products:

Mix ‘n’ MatchBespoke GamesNumbered Cards 

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If you need legal information about creating a lottery style game then visit the Gambling Commission Website.

For more information on the best scratch card solution, contact our studio on 01257 786660, or complete the enquiry form below.

Examples of parking scratch cards & permits