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Innovative scratch card printing services from Northstar.

Individual Mix ‘n’ Match cards – From £37 +vat for 250 • Standard game formats – From £159 for 1010
Bespoke solutions for unlimited variations • Numbered & personalised scratch cards.

Scratch cards are great for interacting with customers, creating sales and generating customer loyalty.

“We offer a low cost, high quality, scratch card printing service. You choose what prizes you want to give away such as 10% off next order, free garlic bread with every pizza, free bottle of screen wash with every valet, etc…and we’ll produce the game and cards that’s right for your marketing promotion. Scratch cards though are not just a ‘Gimmick’. In the right marketing managers hands they can be a powerful marketing tool with scope for creating sales and collecting valuable customer data. You just can’t miss ’em and you can’t ignore ’em.


4 x scratch card printing solutions

Scratchcard printing

Mix ‘n’ Match cards – Order individual card variations to create a game:

For 2018 we’ve introduced a new range of individually printed card variations. You can create games by combining a number of variations (win/lose), however, you don’t have to order thousands at a time and you can have variable quantities…


The benefits of Mix ‘n’ Match means it’s now even cheaper and effective to use scratch cards. Order a batch of cards from as little as £37 + vat for 250. (see prices page).
• 250 cards (1 variation)
From £37 + vat
• 1000 cards (1 variation)
From £52 +vat.
• 5000 cards (1 variation)
From £183 +vat.
Order a number of variations together to create your game. It couldn’t be easier.


Scratchcard printing

Standard games – A cost effective scratchcard printing solution:

For 2018 we have kept the cost of our Standard scratch card games fixed at their 2017 prices. Games are characterised by having up to 5 variations (as standard) with one option being a small number of ‘Hot Cards’…


Games start at £159 for 1010 cards and you can even order additional variations from as little as £37 + vat for 125. (see prices page).
• 1010 cards (hot card game) Now £159 +vat.
• 5050 cards (hot card game) Now £269+ vat.
• Additional variation of 125 cards, Only £37 +vat
Our standard games are printed in batches which allows for a number of Win/Lose Combinations plus an additional option of a small number of ‘HOT CARDS’. The batch printing process, keeps prices low and offers enough variations for some great promotional games.


scratch card printing

Bespoke scratchcard printing for unlimited win/lose variations

If a Standard Game format does not provide enough Win/Lose Combinations then you may want to consider a Bespoke Solution. Total Flexibility & variability


All bespoke jobs are unique and printed to your your exact specification. Being bespoke the set up costs are greater than Standard games, however you have:
• Unlimited variability
• Greater flexibility
• Complex games with many prizes.
• Special features such as die cutting & Overprinting the scratch surface.
For guide prices and more information on the variations and formats available, click on the link below.


scratchcard printing

Individually numbered & coded scratchcard printing, voucher cards, top- up-cards

For the ultimate in personalisation, traceability and security our Individually Numbered and Coded Scratch Cards fit the bill – Ideal for delivering access codes.

More ...

Each card can be individually numbered such as with a unique access code, web address, winning icon etc. The options are unlimited. Suitable for;
• Games or applications where you need a level of traceability
• Distribution of unique access codes (for online offers)
• Voucher cards with unique voucher codes
• Top Up cards with access codes for services or utilities.
Click the link below for more Information.




Help & advice – Selecting the right scratch card format

What scratch card game do you require?

Your choice of game and format depends on the number of variations of Winners & Losers required within your total print run. We have a range of printing solutions to give you the best solution at the lowest possible price. We also have help and advice for selecting the ideal solution. Download our ‘Scratch card format guide’ or our ’10 Top tips for scratch cards’. Plus there are many examples shown in our Latest Projects Section. For more information on the best scratch card solution, contact our studio on 01282 865333

Useful information, resources & downloads

scratch card guide link10 top tips for scratch cardsorder scratch card samples link
latest scratchcard projects link

Selecting a scratchcard printing format:

Standard Games – from £159+vat for 1010 cards

These offer a Low cost option with up to 5 win/lose variations. Our popular ‘Hot Card’ Game offers a simple yet effective scratch card solution. More>>>

Bespoke Unlimited Win/Lose Games

These offer the potential of Unlimited variations of Win/Lose combinations. Ideal for promotions with lots of winning prizes. More>>>

Unique Coded & Numbered Scratchcards

Personalise every Scratchcard with its own unique number or code – Perfect for tracing winners. More>>>

10 great uses for Scratch cards

For examples of where and how to use printed Scratch cards in a marketing promotion click on the links below. They will illustrate game formats, variations and how to structure a scratch card campaign.

Lumenis promotion scratchcardGenerate footfall to your trade exhibition stand

> Any type of buisness

scratchcard printingOffer a FREE trial of your products
> Products Distributors
> Products Manufacturing
scratchcard printingCreate demand in quiet periods
> Restaurant & Bars
> Hotels & Leisure
milksahke promotion scratchcardOffer a FREE Consultation
> Service Type Businesses
> Consultancy businesses
Scratch card for fundraising eventGenerate Funds with a lottery scratch card
> Charities, Clubs & Organisations
hanson promotion scratchcardIncentivise staff and students
> Schools, Colleges and Organisations
nissan promotion scratchcardReward staff & customers to show you care
> Any business or organisation can use this
scratchcard printingDeliver an Access Code
> Online Retailers
> Top-up cards for services or utilities
uniqlo promotion scratchcardCollect Customer Data
> Business with a large customer base
scratch card printingCreate excitement in your brand
> Develop PR opportunities and brand visibility


Ordering scratch cards

OrderingSpecificationsArtwork supplyGuaranteesSecurity

Useful information to consider when ordering:
Send us your enquiry using our SCRATCH CARD ORDER FORM LINK BELOW.

  • SUPPLYING YOUR OWN ARTWORK Please refer to our ARTWORK SUPPLY GUIDE for instructions on how to supply print ready files
  • NEED US TO DESIGN IT FOR YOU? We offer a full creative design and artwork service. Contact the studio on 01282 865333. to discuss your requirements.
  • PRICING You can find prices on the website for our range of MIX 'n' MATCH cards and our STANDARD GAMES scratch cards. BESPOKE SCRATCH CARDS and NUMBERED/PERSONALISED SCRATCH CARDS are quoted on a job-by-job basis.
    There are variable set up fees for all games. These include: checking your artwork, creating suitable artwork for the scratch panels & proofing. We will confirm the final price with you before we go to print.
  • SET UP & PROOFING We send you digital pdf proofs for approval.
  • PAYMENT Full payment is due before printing. We accept Credit/Debit cards & Cash, or you can pay by BACS (full details provided on pro forma invoices).
  • DELIVERY We can deliver Locally or Nationally to the UK, OR you can also pick up your print from our studio in Colne.
    For non-local and national deliveries extra carriage costs may apply.

Mix 'n' Match cards & Standard Games

  • 240gsm board (FSC Certified) Coated 1 side, Uncoated reverse
  • Printed full colour litho both sides
  • Matt laminated one side
  • Silver latex applied 1 side
  • Trimmed to size with square corners
  • Banded into appropriate quantities, packed into boxes
  • Variations are supplied in separate piles and are NOT mixed with other cards.
  • Individual variations - Mix 'n' Match cards
  • 5 variations - Standard games - 5 way and 5 Way Hot card
  • Bespoke games & Numbered/personalised cards

  • Any suitable paper / board from 200gsm up to 400gsm
  • Printed full colour litho, digital or a mix of both
  • Silk laminated or Lottery Release varnish for suitable scratch off surface
  • Silver or Gold latex applied 1 side
  • Trimmed to size with square corners or die cut to shape
  • Unlimited variations
  • Personalise individual cards
  • Banded into appropriate quantities, packed into boxes
  • Variations CAN BE mixed and supplied in specific size bundles.
    • SUPPLYING YOUR OWN ARTWORK Please refer to our ARTWORK SUPPLY GUIDE for instructions on how to supply print ready files
    • IN DESIGN TEMPLATES: Use this link to download templates for our scratch card products IN DESIGN TEMPLATES.
    • NEED US TO DESIGN FOR YOU? We can offer a full creative design and artwork service - Call the studio on 01282 865333 to discuss your requirements.
    • Accepted file formats: Pdf, .ai, tifs, eps, jpeg, psd, Indesign (up to CS5), IDML files.
      If files are supplied in word or Powerpoint extra charges WILL apply.
    • Sending us artwork: If you'd like to proceed with an order you can upload your artwork files for us to check.
      Files under 10Mb in size can be emailed as an attachment file to our studio Send Mail
      For larger files above 10Mb use the FREE File transfer system by We Transfer using the contact email: UPLOAD ARTWORK


    Mix 'n' Match cards and Standard Game scratch cards are produced through our operation. This means products have Guaranteed delivery times. This is a real benefit where your deadline requires a must hit date.
    These Scratch Cards have a Guaranteed delivery of 7 working days
    Bespoke scratch cards do not have Guaranteed turn round times. Normal schedules are usually 7/10 working days
    Numbered/Personalised cards schedules are usually 10/14 working days.
    Working days: These are defined as Monday to Friday (inclusive). Weekends and English Bank Holidays are classed as non-working days.
    7 working day schedule: Order on a Monday, items will be delivered in the following week on the Wednesday.
    Order on a Thursday, items will be delivered in two weeks on the following Monday.
    Available service levels for Mix 'n' Match cards and Standard Game scratch cards:
    - STANDARD: 7 working days (see prices)

    - EXPRESS: 4 Working days (20% increase in price will apply)

    - EXTENDED: Up to 14 Working days (10% reduction in price)

    - S.O.S. SERVICES: This is not available on Mix 'n' match cards or Standard Scratch cards. Bespoke cards & Numbered Scratch cards can be speeded up subject to production availability - please ask for details on 01282 865333.

    Artwork Cut off times: The latest time for approving artwork is 5:30pm. Artwork approved after this time will move into the next working days schedule.
    S.O.S. Service is not available for Mix 'n' Match Scratch Cards.

  • Mix 'n' Match and Standard game scratch cards are perfect for low value games or where traceability is NOT required. They are NOT suitable for games with high value prizes or sensitive information.
  • We can build in some extra security features into our Bespoke and Numbered/personalised cards making them more suitable for higher value prizes and traceability
  • All our processes are carefully monitored during production to ensure consistency.
  • Card variations are usually kept separate from each other unless otherwise specified and are clearly identified when delivered.