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Bespoke personalised scratch cards


Promote your business with Personalised scratch cards. Our bespoke printed cards are ideal for more sophisticated games and campaigns. These are characterised by; A large number of prize variations • Larger Quantities • Random mixing of cards • Controlled pack quantities • Even distribution of Win/Lose ratios • Management & control mechanisms for the distribution and tracking of prizes.

Businesses and organisations love to use scratch cards in many ways to engage with customers. Whether it’s offering discounts, 2-4-1’s, prizes, fundraising, or encouraging repeat business, a scratch card can be a very effective marketing tool – however, a bespoke scratch card can make a campaign even more effective.

A bespoke solution enables unlimited card variations with full management control. Our quality standards used means cards are produced to very exacting specifications. You get a game which not only looks great but one that you can track, trace and measure its success.

Personalised scratch cards

Personalised Scratch Cards

Personalised Scratch cards

Why chose a bespoke scratch card solution?

Flexible prize variations
Ideal for games with greater numbers of win/lose variations.
Larger Quantities
Games with 5,000+ cards up to 1 Million and with lots of variations.
Flexible sizes
Any card size is possible but best to check with us for the most economical size!
Mixing Options
Cards can be supplied mixed to very exact requirements: • Specific pack quantities • Random mixing • Even distribution of winning cards
Great value
Prices usually start at around £500 to £600 +vat for a bespoke game. What you do get is complete flexibility.

Unlimited Win/Lose variations with personalised scratch cards

Creating personalised scratch cards


Example of a Bespoke Multi-Win game

Personalised scratch cards
Personalised scratch cards

This example illustrates what is possible with a bespoke scratch card solution. The game involves plenty of variations with different quantities of each.
Quantity ordered: 10,090:
Winning Cards Combinations: 7 x different winning variations + 1 x losing variant.
10 x Top winning card,
20 x 2nd prizes,,
60 x 3rd prizes
150 x 4th prizes
150 x 5th prizes
200 x 6th prizes
500 x 7th prizes
8910 x Losing cards

Each variant is printed with its specific text or graphics, but once the scratch panel is applied then every card appears identical. The cards were then suppled randomly mixed with a even spread of winners.
Because each bespoke job is unique it tends to be quoted on a job-by-job basis. However, as a guide of ‘Typical Prices’ please see the table below as an indication of costs.

Guide prices for personalised scratch cards

Specification: The prices below are based on the following criteria: Card size 85 x 55mm, Digitally printed colour both sides, Multi-win variable game, Laminated one side, Latex Scratch panel applied over laminate. The print run is a total number of cards with the variations within the total.

Size Colour 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 10,000
Size: 85 x 55mm Full colour Both sides £565 £594 £611 £645 £676 £820
Setup Cost* Checking artwork and Game set up £39 £39 £39 £39 £39 £39

* All prices quoted are ex vat which will be charged at the standard rate.
*Scratch cards can be tricky items to set up, that is why we have a ‘Set Up Charge’. This covers; set-up of the game, checking client supplied artwork, plus creation of the artwork for the scratch panels.

Using scratch cards effectively



Examples of bespoke scratch cards