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Rochdale Hornets – fundraising scratch card

Fundraising scratch card

Multi-game fundraising scratch card for a professional sports club

Creating a multi-game fundraising scratch card

Client: Rochdale Hornets Rugby League Club

Solution: Bespoke scratch card solution.

“How do you make a fundraising scratch card a more attractive proposition?” This is a question we get many times and luckily we have quite a few answers and solutions to help. Rochdale Hornets Rugby League Club are a typical customer with a requirement for a lottery style scratch card to help raise funds. However, to create real customer engagement and a better customer experience we created a game with 3 games on the card for multiple opportunities to win.

With our experience we were able to create a game that we knew would engage well with the fans. The 3 game solution gives fans some excitement and hope that they have three opportunities to win by one of the following methods:
– a standard win / lose scratch card game for a small cash prize
– Entry to a 100 Club Draw
– A weekly spot prize based on a unique number on the card.
Specification: All three games required a combination of unique codes, sequential numbering and variability of data in order to provide the required game variations.
The cards were designed to specially appeal to the fans. As well as the game, each featured an image of one of 14 different former players. This gave the cards a collector element as wetland would appeal to the nostalgia and loyalty of the fans.

The cards were very successful at raising funds and by combining 3 games in one it saved costs on administration. To create fundraising scratch card like these for your club, charity or organisation; Call Northstar Design on 01257 786660.

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