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Bargain Booze – UK Store Promotion

Example from a scratch card printing company

Scratch card printing company Northstar creates 350,000 cards for UK drinks wholesaler

Continental Wines for Bargain Booze

Requirements: Scratch cards with variable data for a UK wide in-store promotion.
Solution: A bespoke scratch card from a specialist scratch card printer.

Continental Wine & Food are a UK drinks distributor and required the support of a specialist manufacturer and  experienced scratch card printing company to create a campaign. It was to be run in conjunction with one of their  main retail customers ‘Bargain Booze’. Northstar was the ideal partner due to our experience of creating cards with variable data, unique codes as well as our production capabilities to print over 350,000 cards .

The scratch cards were used to promote a selection of wines and alcoholic drinks. Every customer who made a purchase in-store received a card which when scratched off offered discounts off future purchases or free products. The game also incorporated a small selection of high value winning cards with a main prize worth over £3000. These winners would provide great PR opportunities for the company when the prizes would be claimed.

Capabilities of scratch card printing company Northstar

This is a perfect example of a project where Northstar excels, encompassing; a print run of 350,000 cards, 15 variations, High value winning cards, Fully mixed packs, 670 different bundles for the National Bargain Booze stores, Unique numbering for winning cards. This was a complex job requiring high levels of control and management at every key stage which Northstar is capable of providing, ensuring management control, conformity, traceability and security.

These cards were printed as a ‘Bespoke game with unique numbering’. The winning cards were individually numbered and then distributed evenly amongst the losing cards. These were then separated into 670 individual bundles for national distribution.

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