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Hiscox – Staff incentive scheme Scratch Card

Why it's good business to print scratch cards for a staff incentive scheme!

How do you reward & motivate staff? – Print scratch cards as a fun and engaging alternative!

Client: Hiscox Insurance
Solution: 5 Way Hot card game.

Every year we create scratch cards for lots of businesses looking to reward staff for their efforts. A little bonus for great effort delivered in the form of a scratch card can make a positive impact. Better motivated and happier staff leads to stronger retention and a positive attitude.

At Hiscox Insurance, they understand this principle and decided to produce scratch cards to give to staff as a thank you for going above and beyond. Northstar created a match 3 to win style game that Hiscox management could give to staff as a reward for effort.

Print scratch cards and everyone’s a winner!

The Hiscox promotion ensured that anyone who received a card was a winner. The cards were made up of 5 variations with different prize levels and a limited star prize. This variability creates real engagement as recipients wait to see what level of prize they have won when they scratch off the panel.

Hiscox utilised one of our Standard Hot Card Games. which are part of our regular range of cards.  They are a great value solution, yet still provide a game with plenty of variations which can be used to create surprise and engagement.

The line managers who distributed the cards were also encouraged to write an appraisal or provide comment to the staff member on the reverse side of the card, thus making it more personal.

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Printed scratch cards - examples


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