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Arthur Riley – Energy top-up cards


Use Scratch reveal cards for payment card solutions

Top-up cards, Prepayment cards… whatever you call them we print scratch reveal cards for utilities, telecoms & subscriptions.

Client: Arthur D. Riley, New Zealand

Solution: Unique numbered scratch cards.

New Zealand based company Arthur.D.Riley use scratch reveal cards as top-up cards for purchasing utility services on small islands in the South Pacific. They manage the utilities for over half a dozen small island chains in Micronesia. One important solution they require is a secure and reliable pre-payment card. These pre-paymnet top-up cards are purchased by the customer and they contain a unique access code which is used aspart of the process or purchasing credit for a particular utility.

As an experienced scratch card manufacturer Northstar has the solutions to provide these pre payment cards which to an extremely high level of accuracy and reliability. As they are effectively the equivalent to money they need to be produced to very strict quality levels.

Each card has a hidden 20 digit Unique Number printed under a special scratch-off panel.  Once the panel is scratched the code is entered into a meter or mobile app for access to the service. These cards also have a sequential batch serial number printed . This is an important additional feature, because it allows complete traceability. Individual cards can be easily identified within batches exceeding 100,000. The cards are sold in local retail outlets and supply the island people with power. This solution is simple to use, secure, easy to distribute and control.

Printing specification: Cards are litho printed in full colour, whereas the unique codes and batch numbers are printed digitally in black. The cards are die cut to size with rounded corners and sorted into sequential order and flow wrapped in packs or strings.

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