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Uniqlo – Retail promotion & marketing campaign

scratch card makers - Northstar

Customer data collection solution from Scratch card makers 'Northstar'

Scratch cards makers ‘Northstar’ create variable data scratch card for UK wide marketing campaign.

Client: Uniqlo

Solution: Variable data / Unique numbered scratch card solution.

By using specialist scratch card makers ‘Northstar’ to create 750,000 cards for its retail stores, UNIQLO were able to discover a lot about its customers.
The UK marketing team of the Japanese casual wear retailer wanted to know a lot more about their ideal customer and they realised they could do this through a carefully structured scratch card campaign.

To customers the scratch cards would appear to be a fun win / lose game with a number of instant prizes and the opportunity for discounts off Uniqlo’s products. However, the real key to the cards was that they were also a ‘customer data collection device’. Every card (even losing ones) offered money off an online purchase. Every card contained a unique code which could be activated online. To redeem the code the customer had to input some personal details along with info on their likes & dislikes and other questions. The scratch cards helped gather thousands of details which the company was able to analyse and build a picture of its ‘Perfect Customer’.

Specification: With over 700,000 cards and 20 variations this was a complex job and is an example of a Variable data / numbered card solution. Because we’re specialist scratch card makers we’ve developed the systems to ensure that projects like this run smoothly with all the printing of variations, mixing and packing is carefully managed.

Half the cards required a unique number applied under the scratch panel and cards also needed to be evenly mixed with a balanced ratio of winning and losing cards and supplied randomly mixed. Northstar managed the whole process from start to finish including: data and preparation and sequencing, printing, sorting, mixing and bundling in specific pack quantities before being sent to the UK retail outlets.

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