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Iroko TV – Voucher card printing

voucher card printing

Use customized scratch cards for subscription cards

Creating customized scratch cards for a pre-paid subscription card.

Client: Iroko TV

Solution: Voucher card with variable data.

Iroko sell TV content to customers in African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. They required a simple, yet secure voucher card system for their customers. The cards could easily purchased at local retail outlets and then scratched off to reveal a unique code located under the scratch-off panel. They would then use the code for accessing specific content on their TV.

Our paper based ‘customized scratch cards’ were deemed an ideal solution. Each card is printed with a unique number under the scratch panel. As each code is unique it can only be used once, thereby minimising Fraud.

IROKO TV contacted Northstar  because of our experience creating similar top-up / subscription type scratch cards for other international customers. Our experience helped create a  secure, consistent and traceable voucher printing solution. 
In addition to the unique number concealed under the scratch panel there is also a visible batch serial number on the card. This ensures that each card can be identified, even in a print run of thousands and adds another level of security.

Specification: Multiple denomination value cards were planned and printed together to save costs. These are then laminated and latex applied for the scratch panel. Finally, the cards are trimmed with rounded corners and packaged. This method of finishing also allows for cards to be be sorted and organised easily. The Client receives a very ordered batch of cards with each card capable of being identified and traced.
 For subscription cards printing like these or for other top-up style cards call Northstar; an experienced scratch card manufacturer on 01257 786660.


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