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Regatta Clothing – Retail promotional scratchcard

Promotional scratch card

Promotional scratch card for Regatta Clothing

Promotional scratch card for a winter marketing campaign.

Client: Regatta Clothing

Solution: Bespoke scratch cards.

Regatta Clothing used a promotional scratch card campaign as a fun marketing tool to  raise brand awareness and ultimately sell some product. They used scratch cards to engage with their customers and develop sales at special outdoor winter events that they were promoting. Distributed to all visitors who attended, the cards were interactive and fun and gave the recipient the chance to win instant prizes or purchase Regatta products at reduced prices through their website using voucher codes. They scratch cards were a win/win for both client and customer.

The promotional scratch card game was created with no losing cards. Every card was a winner offering the chance of either; money off purchases, the chance of a FREE item of Regatta clothing, or FREE Regatta Clothing vouchers.

A 30k print run was commissioned which comprised of 15 different variations. Each variation was available in different quantities ranging from 1 to 23,000.

A game with this level of complexity requires a bespoke solution which Northstar is highly experienced at producing. We love to produce projects like this as it allows us to show the quality and level of game management that we can provide; We work out the most economical solution for printing all the card variations; We ensure all variations and any variable data is carefully monitored and controlled throughout the production;  We supply the cards to an exact specification such as randomly mixed and in specific pack quantities.

If you have a promotional scratch card game that equally requires an equally high level of complexity and project management then Call Northstar on 01257 786660.

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