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Hanson Academy – Pupil incentive scratchcard

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Client: Hanson Academy
Requirements: Pupil incentive idea for a School / College
Solution: Standard 5 way ‘Hot Card’ game.

A fun pupil incentive idea from an innovative scratch card company

Northstar is an experienced Scratch Card Company.  We have with lots of great ideas and game solutions for using scratch cards for promoting businesses, clubs, schools & charities.

Hanson Academy are one such customer. They were looking for a fun pupil incentive idea. One that was more interactive and memorable than the traditional rewards offered to students. They contacted  Northstar for our wealth of ideas and track record of supplying similar products for staff & pupil incentive schemes.

How it worked Hanson Academy used a regular 5 way ‘Hot Card’ game as part of their ‘pupil incentive scheme.’ When a pupil achieved a merit they were handed one of the scratch cards which would reveal one of 4 letters which they would use  to claim one of 4 levels of prizes. Alternatively, they could reveal one of much rarer <strong>Hot Cards</strong> and claim one of the more valuable star prizes.

The standard Hot Card game format was ideal as it offered plenty of variations with the right balance. Because all the variations are supplied separately for the client to mix, the small number of cards could be introduced by the staff into the game as required.

We were also able to supply Hanson Academy with a complementary design service.  We were able to put our creative design and artwork skills to the test and create an attractive solution that would appeal to the Pupil target audience.

This complete design and print service is just part of the services offered by Northstar

For scratch cards like these and other staff & pupil incentive ideas call Northstar – the experienced scratch card company on 01282 865333.