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Lottery cards printing – St Mirren FC

Lottery cards

Raise funds with a lottery card style scratch card

Lottery cards are a great way to raise funds for your club or charity.

Client: St Mirren FC.
Solution: Bespoke scratch cards.

St. Mirren FC used lottery cards to help raise funds for the clubs’s coffers. The printed scratch cards were sold at home matches with a cover price of £1 giving fans the chance to win prize money and even signed team shirts as star prizes.

The client was able to work out the exact ratio of win & lose cards required in order to give the club a suitable return on their investment as well as give fans a decent winning chance. Being a lottery card style game they had to apply for a gaming licence. This could be done through their local Council as the value of the game was only under £20,000. By including desirable items such as signed shirts as star prizes it meant that they were able to offer something the fans would love but without having to shell out a lot in large cash prizes.

Specification: These cards were printed using combinations of our standard Hot card Game and Mix ‘n’ Match cards for flexibility and great value. By combining numerous print runs they were able to get the exact win & lose ratios in line with the agreed game licence that they had agreed to officially run the game. As the cards didn’t incorporate any variable data we were able to utilise our Standard style games.  Cost were lower than if they were printed as a bespoke game  meaning there was more profit left as profit.

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