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Hasbro – Scratchcard for a promo event

Branded scratch cards

Client: Hasbro, London

Requirements: Using Branded scratch cards for a Company awards event
Solution: Mix ‘n’ Match game.

Using Branded Scratch Cards for a fun & interactive corporate event

Hasbro required a batch of Branded Scratch Cards to be used at a large company awards event. With over 500 staff members attending the glittering occasion they wanted to involve the attendees during the night and provide some drama and excitement with the chance to win one of 5 star prizes.

Normally cards from our standard Mix ‘n’ Match  range would have been the natural solution.  However, the client also wanted the additional feature of their logo printed on top of the scratch panel. This is something that we can offer through our Bespoke Cards solutions. The cards are printed digitally and then finished in particular way that allows for the overprint on top of the scratch panel.

The resulting game had a simple Win or Lose message under the scratch panel which was itself designed to look like a pre scratched card. The winning and losing cards were supplied separately from each other, allowing the client to mix them to how they wanted. All the winning cards were carefully monitored and accounted for during production  ensuring the required quantity were only introduced into the game.