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Scratchcard printing


On 26, Feb 2017 | In Scratchcard printing, Unique numbered scratch card | By admin

Using custom scratch cards for a UK promotion & collecting customer data.

custom scratch cards UK

Client: Uniqlo

Product: Unique numbered, custom scratch cards.

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear designer and retailer. The UK marketing team wanted to understand more about their perfect customer and decided to use custom scratch cards in its UK outlets to help them achieve this.
Uniqlo approached Northstar for the scratch card printing as we have a considerable amount of experience of manufacturing custom scratch cards UK wide and can provide printing, personalisation, sorting & mixing facilities.

To customers the scratch cards would appear as a fun win / lose game with a number of instant prizes. However, the real key was that the card was also a ‘customer data collection device’. Every card (even losing ones) offered money off an online purchase. Every card contained a unique code which could be activated online. To redeem the code the customer had to input some personal details along with their name and address. The custom scratch cards helped gather thousands of UK customer details which the company was able to use to build a picture of its ‘Perfect Customer’.
Specification: With over 700,000 cards and 20 variations required this was a complex job. Each card required a unique number applied under the scratch panel and cards also needed to be evenly mixed with a balance of winning and losing cards in a random order before being bundled up and sent to the 10 UK retail outlets.
To learn more about custom scratch cards UK; Call Northstar Design on 01282 865333.


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