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Uniqlo – Retail promotion & marketing campaign

Custom scratch cards UK

Client: Uniqlo.
Requirements: Custom scratch cards UK wide promotion & marketing campaign.
Solution: Uniquely numbered scratch cards.

Custom scratch cards UK promotion – A customer data collection exercise.

By using Custom Scratch Cards UK wide across its stores, UNIQLO were able to discover a lot about its customers buying habits. The UK marketing team of  the Japanese casual wear designer and retailer commissioned Northstar to print and manage <strong>750,000 scratch cards </strong> of which half incorporated unique codes. Uniqlo wanted to understand more about their perfect customer and decided to use Uniquely Numbered Scratch Cards to help them achieve this.

To customers the scratch cards would appear to be a fun win / lose game with a number of instant prizes and the opportunity for some money off. However, the real key to the cards was that they were also a ‘customer data collection device’. Every card (even losing ones) offered money off an online purchase. Every card contained a unique code which could be activated online. To redeem the code the customer had to input some personal details along with their name and address. The custom scratch cards helped gather thousands of UK customer details which the company was able to analyse and build a picture of its ‘Perfect Customer’.

Specification: With over 700,000 cards and 20 variations required this was a complex job. half the cards required a unique number applied under the scratch panel and cards also needed to be evenly mixed with a constant balance of winning and losing options but in an apparent random order. Northstar managed the whole process from start to finish including: data manipulation and preparation, printing, sorting, mixing and bundling in the required packs before being sent to the UK retail outlets.

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